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Our Drawing Club

by Quaker Parents

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Jim must've liked her to mimic a diver pushing his air out until he had spied her dunked like the prisoner tied to the typer dodging the grace that a watery grave would decipher they’d probably love how the pendulum leaps with a habit of backwardly motion that needs Then recedes I told my sensitive side I need more love in my life I guess that makes a hard-battle won for improbable friendship I don’t wanna give it up yet but It’s better that way because Everything Changes no, it’s not that vastly different after just difficult enough what with the space from one another an other when you made another offer an offering it often enough is more or less for free and freedom feels useless when you don’t use it sensitive minds I need your love in my life user takes the hard-battle won for improbable friendship hard battle won for improbable friendship an uncommon kind hard battle won for improbable friendship nineteen-ninety-nine, 1999
Not Addicted 02:22
I'm not addicted to love I just believe in it all I hope my heart never breaks I find it's easy to fall volcano softly moving train hall with endless light song that's never named gift of 𝒊𝒏𝒕𝒆𝒓𝒆𝒕 tight-in like a weave show me what you want know what I need I'm not addicted to love I just believe in it all I hope my phone never breaks I lay awake for your call I'm not addicted I know my heart never waits I find it's easy to fall hope my heart never breaks hope my phone never breaks
I’m a believer I’ve tried to be more cautious feel more elusive at times I can still pass for it deep down, can you relate? good things come to those who take waste away 'the perfect shape’ that’s fine it was never that baked in you’re mine, at a sympathetic price I’m down here, from your window at the Days Inn year starts while I’m sleeping in the basement kinda figure you could take me rate doubled, the way things double I still still-grind, immensely impatient… limited time to unwind this world, sunny don’t shine til her rays uncurl some of this is overrated, but gimme those stars I participated i’ve had it with this shit feels right that I met you like this lay down on the grid wave bye with your number one kiss high time we release some stakes so they can slide like ‘who cut the brakes?’ think that you could take me? what if I cry out like a baby? flake out with a maybe? here’s a breeze that will never blow down, here’s a phase that will never flare out, when I think ‘thanks anyways’ if all of my hard-won views don’t stick tell me I’ll learn how to deal with it then I’ll thaw nice like the month of May when the radio DJs play it tame… got a will to break and I’ll ‘maybe change’ and I feel ashamed when I ask for space and I can’t live when I know about the world but we talk about this like we talk about love “we could buy an old house in the southern states we could drive for miles to anywhere” anyway
mind lakes fill with the right emotion failing for the word choice loose in my throat leap from every curious leaf leave it floating until you find your limit I tell you some Walk in through the reverse side looking for the handyman, 'he puts his hands on me, he understands' now when the five forces poked for me in every place I held the manuscript of low blows because if it wasn't for me you could burn it with the DVD debris bought and then phased out does it matter what anyone says? nothing ever seems to matter to you when you're dead am I dead? goodness spilled where the ground was sloping do what you love reject what you don't... base-leader, chlorine-drinker tell me you'll deliver while you're taking me home look in through the neighbours blinds don't you lose some interest then? don't take a chance on me, we'll make a plan for when the nine faces flaked and peel in every space I read the manuscript of low blows they said it wasn't for me you said it wasn't for me I agree I agree
One Time Luv 02:17
hard to say but it's true when you're the one time lover of two I feel the part time lover in you while you're the full-blind lover of who try to see what is new beneath a springtime cover of dew I held the soft, small petals of blue I let the night crush under it's moon I've had an easy burden a few I know the payment goes when it's due I get the bomb is killed at the fuse and then the world explodes with the news hard to say what is true when you're the one time lover of two hard to save what is true when you're the one time lover of two now i'm the one time lover 1 time 1 time
No Travel 03:09
you said a new kind of verse with a focus in a language that sparked when it’s spoken and if the ground underfoot had been ocean it’d be rolling I wanna tell you that I know what you want when you listen to what’s stronger and avoid the lows from years longer and their details I know no joy in them No Travelling my trembling hands aren’t the same slid down the railing just found that No stone turned by your name half-mast I mourn each once hot cast-flare sent silent, in vain but you said that you love hard games you downed a new kind of life-bending potion an elixir you chase after smoking a concoction it kept you from choking down the harshness this life's been evoking I know what you are when you listen it gets better like the hybrid moon or her sweater and the languages and every buoyant step No Traveling my trembling hands aren’t the same glide down the bannister, so proud won’t ouch out at the pain will you still be the glad master, blank and sarcastic with the old rose smelling the same? don't you love hard games?
bold mentioning you'd be late no it's alright hey, here looks like a palace gate I saw the pale drain from your face we stand close both in overcoats pageant of the close foes I drank the white-dust lemonade down with a fist pump, our cautious, claylike shapes might break the mould like my fallen faith but I'll hate you if you knock delays I watch the light touch a million photos I'll take the bus not the train that goes home you tell me GOD will come slow so I gotta go slow too or I’ll miss in I know it all feels so dull It's partly everything we're working for… a classy energy throughout the store a like of love and all fantasy things you quit the job you quit the cigarette I watch the light bomb a million photos I'll take the bus not the train that goes home you told me god will come slow So I'm gonna go slow…
I'm not a leader I've found a kind of comfort in the crowd I use my voice I make it go loud Why Worry Now? there's tons of things that work better that crack the heart to the letter what can you do when a life lays down in front of you lay down not quite a reader I found a type of comfort within sound and words that glue their parts to mouths I'm worried now there's nothing I will like better there's no one I can love better I'm too distressed to cook dinner I'll make the call for deliver what can you do?
The Gauntlet 02:15
Love protect the livable life put the work at ease just keep healthy it concerns me, it’s such a weight stressful madness for everyone… young, hot father you cool your mouth with the non-cruel water you take the mineral mixed with colour you break commitments, you raise her improperly if love, it can’t be choosed and she attempts at loving you and you intend on knowing truth but good connections lose their use all sorts of tighter things get loose... heavy, I have failed anything that’s lasting leaves an impression heavy on the carpet: a plan to meet you at the gauntlet tell me is it common to weigh a concept like an object? can we make room for this? it feels like a project/wins like a contest but is it honest then? love protects a little…
Who knows a better part for this, taking on the night? sure they say there’s room to strive, like I am in bathed in golden light for years I groan in my cul-de-soul; for a Better Part of This I make a brand new start I just take off like a plane - Run around the möbius strip of life, take on many names and I stood the old director’s chairs in there, the tedious, three, four and five configuration.. I lay my mind afloat and hopefully answers come like small flecks, bright paint splatters, splashed out just right I won’t be the one lays awake to fight with no-will defining known-grudges those I stack them up to spend a few moments in a steam-room, take my new pants off of my thighs, a moment of a peace don’t survive long; like waking up or a lay on the sand with stranger's hand in my palm both times I was semi-clothed oh right, in my file I'm more chaste-typical, but i felt spared on the stretched out fabric. I could count minutes in my young life, see them grow lately I’ve been cutthroat but i might try to be more apropos to back then though I'll maybe quit booze like the cold tea rooms try to crush spite when it kinda looms so that i can love practically every time that one will fight back to back with me oh who's there? can’t tell, I see a strike when you see my face-melt though I sing in my true voice baby I can lie like the ring of a bell and you know it works once once, like a movie but then left with myself and my mystery and there’s no real art on the camera, there's no fair working dilemma I could build like a well known hideout and just think of the things you could think about but i wilt like the plant that died, so i work so i feel some pride see a mother fold her hands around the photo snow-globe see a mother's face hang low and then extrapolate a meaningful glow and i can still miss both or not then when I feel my dissent away from family matters feel my old senses scattered seemingly shattered prematurely battered fight with your sister in the train station tell me about your latest frustration treat it like a lamp that breaks a minute in dark place what do you do about that? what you do is you go you get up, draw you a face in the window that's frosted? I don't see it... (like the criminal's crime, it's my pivotal time and it's going faster than I'd ever thought) Who know’s a better part for this? taking on the night sure say there’s room to strive like i'm paid in golden light for years i groan in my cul-de-soul for a better part of this


released May 10, 2019

Recorded in Fall 2017/Spring 2018 by Mark Grundy and Stephen Prickett.
Mixed by Stephen Prickett with Mark Grundy, Summer/Fall 2018.
Mastered by Philip Bova, Bova Lab Studios, Winter 2018.
instrumentals/lyrics written produced, arranged by M Grundy (SOCAN/ASCAP).
Drums on tracks 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10 by J. Scott Grundy (
album photo by mg



all rights reserved



Quaker Parents Toronto, Ontario

song-wormhole project


contact -
markagrundy @ gmail .com

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