Huge Mask

by Quaker Parents

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released June 10, 2010

recorded by Mark Grundy & Michael Wright Spring 2010 @ Macara Complex.
QP: Mark Grundy, J. Scott Grundy, Brad Loughead
songs by MG



all rights reserved


Quaker Parents Toronto, Ontario

Mostly melody of bit and a minute a of out something squeeze to trying.



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Track Name: Yes, Alright
strike a match, you hit it light with your painted violet nail
along the contours of this unseen tragedy we're living silently
and your patience, it makes me a better man
no one lives it up we're down on youth/the sound of truth
your mother mongers for one moment with her boy can I applaud her?
so say what ever thing you've been thinking, I've been priced to go
and no I can't believe you let it mellow, (hello?)
it's while yer darling sighs that his undone view it hits us
can I do anything righteous?
I live inside, sweet hands pound the floor, I dream in tired low and tattered words, now heed them
but now I come, no memory of this, treat me rightly
now I come through memory of this, freedom it finally it hits me
you know what's happened
you know what happens here
everything is modifed/nullified
Track Name: Skyland
there's an island in the sky go avoid your friends
got the plastic on the tips so my wings won't bend
and we're all about to fall in love again
got a problem you should fix it (and probably you've fixed it...)
the road is lost, my hope it's long, I hate this part:
when I'm about to be your weapon, when Im about to be low and loaded up
when it's time to go you know I'm gone
I'm headed slowly where you are
I said I love you but I don't know why and now I'm finally getting used to it
I said I know you but I don't know why
and now
I'm finally getting used to it
Track Name: Evil Deeds
this morning here outside your window I can hear the noises that you make the lightning speed routines you strike through and habits you have yet to shake so we'll spend spring and fall together since both are seasons that you hate I foolishly will wait til winter to come to tell me I'm too late
and we can skip across the cracks along the sidewalk as I pass her house I'm praying that you've been singing and I might mumble every word
does that seem too absurd...
when my red ghostface turns to white
twelve years
it takes a long long time
Track Name: I Know No One
SO we had plans and we made short work of them
and the temperature can change the way I love you
it's heating up and down the street I count the beating bass from parties being held so far off tempo from my evening's temperament
and there are times when I can pulsate, like the neighbours and get caught with fingers tickling at my pockets as I look for some excuse not to just join in

it's nice to know you
Track Name: Got To Go
on the movement of a winking eyebrow
and the voices you can hear them rise through the city
and we had words with them, that we said
we fed them lies that time, that morning

my half-life crisis says that you won't need my never-ample services
I left that book beside your bed, I hope that you have opened it
now now, I have gotta go

and there were lines with them that we read
I felt your cool climate plummet, I avoided it
but it was you that's been so kind to me and it's easy to see that you've lost it
now you're acting like you're made of iron
when you heard that I'd been barely listening

but we said worse to them and we shed
the skin of all our troublesome commitments
your mother once told me that I had been raised right
so I stepped out between the door and into the night
Track Name: Ghetto/I'm Fine
don't have a career nothing matters the powers above don't care

wave goodbye to the good days because they are GONE
Track Name: Shallow
100 years later when we should have met both of our deaths will it still baffle me that you crowned from the brook as the bound to be stunned misunderstood sugar and spite long would you have enabled me to live like that??
Been ready to make a memory just not in the way that you've said
and how am I designed to cope?
early morning, faceless riser
you bring your body down to me
for now I am a quiet type of guide and it pains me to desire you
but that's the way that I feel? nothing hidden's here?

live below your means now
shallow shallow
see me coming in and still you're nothing
shallow now