Eau De Sleeping Brain

by Quaker Parents

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I don't see it as a problem: the regal stretch wrestling move also bends you kama sutra, leaves you feeling desperate, now it's a shock I was shocked out of all day by the wide chalk-drawing lines that stretched the roadside where we walked at night, painlessly I abandon all need to forget past made choice in the wool (I place closed with the knitting spool) I was watching sheer agony in the white tent no one close to me soaking thin dripping canopy damp kind of covered billowy august now weeks did atrophy melting down unimportantly not too long on the bended knee while I roll advice like die turned upwards probability sized me up perpetually though I'd guess what you might've said I'll ask now so I don't forget or lose my chance to be close with you lose my chance to be next with you I don't know what I'm supposed to do but this part is not too filled up in my mind yet but I don't know maybe felt stolen by another affection tries to steal me too I won't give into that attitude simple needs on this side until you're back down again simple privacies I don't need them I don't see it as a problem

Most records need
a side change

Running like a bull when the headlight's behind standing with the foal by an edging turnpike the clothes don't come off neat or clean so getting in the zone natural'll make both feel green if everyman's a john and I'm a target mark to move through the sewer better to swim like ashark they don't ever don't stop the movement of your genes while your life slows a quick lack of interest in all that you've known I keep the tact of the animals in mind when I lose what I can't hold I was on the phone with your voice as my pay rate collected from the tone that you think I'm a main slave over this notion that all devotion is mixed in the pots and pans of aligning futures I just want the next year to be real superb, lion on my back by the sobering dancers wish I had a question so that you would answer me but please we don't need to scream or assault a higher value likely acting drunk in the tickle of daybreak there's so much more that I need for the painstake give me a dot or dotted line they're both clearing...I see change as a finer brooch on the jacket soaked in the poorer handled liquid resolve and all the pinned on life emblems beside look jagged faded, meaninglessly clear

I Don't See It


released January 22, 2015

j. scott - rototoms
mark - guitar and voice

thanks to mike 0.




all rights reserved


Quaker Parents Toronto, Ontario

Mostly melody of bit and a minute a of out something squeeze to trying.



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